Arjun Prasad Mainali was born on June 20, 1968 in Nepal. In Nepal Commerce Campus, he read short story ‘The Blood Donor’. After reading story, he was encouraged and motivated to donate blood himself. The first time he donated blood was on August 20, 1987 at Kathmandu, Nepal. Since then, he has given blood 158 times himself- almost 79,000 ml. 79 litters, 20 gallons, spread over 14 states of United States, 12 countries and six continents and saved 474 lives globally. Mainali is very committed to this noble cause of donating blood. For example in 2014 alone, he had donated blood 19 times; 6 times in different countries including United States, Canada, England, Bermuda, Macau and Ireland and has donated platelets 13 times in New York.

While he was in Nepal, he was founder member for Blood Donors Association of Nepal in 1990. When he migrated in United States in 2000, since then he is donating blood and encouraging people to donate blood to help the shortage of blood in USA. He established Blood Donors of America on June 17, 2009 to educate and encourage people to donate blood in USA and International Nepalese Blood Donors in 2014. After that the following Nepalese American organization has sponsored blood drives between September 2008 to September 2013.  

Kirat Yakthung Chumlung , NY                                                              Nepali Public Relation Committee , NY
United Nepalese Democratic Forum , NY                                             Sahayeta Organization , CA
Blood Donors of America , NY                                                               Ridgewood Nepalese Society , NY
Langhali Association (Magar Sangh) , NY                                             ANA , MA
United Sherpa Association , NY                                                             International Nepali Literary Society, NY Chapter              
Kirat Rai Society of America (KRSA), New York                                 Mustang Kyidug USA Inc, New York
Thakali Sewa Samiti NYC, New York                                                    US Nepal Sports and Culture Development, New York
Sindhu_USA Welfare Society, Inc, New York                                      NRN-NCC of USA (NRN-USA)
America Nepal Friendship Society                                                        Association of Nepalese Physicians in America (ANPA)
Newa Guthi, NY                                                                                        Association of Nepali Teraian in America, New York
Tamang Society of America, New York                                                Nepalese Association in Southeast America
Florida Association of Nepali Societies                                                 Association of Nepalese in Minnesota
Kirat Rai Society America, Colorado                                                    Neplese Democratic Forum, Texas
Kirat Rai Society Society America, Nebraska                                      Padma Dal Smriti Pratisthan, Alabama
Barkely Annapurna Lions Club, California                                          Nepalese Association of Connecticut
Nepali Jan Sampark Samiti, Virginia                                                    Nepalese Student Association, University of South Florida
Florida-Nepal Association (FNA)                                                           Jan Sampark Samiti, Maryland
Nepalese Student Association, Gainesville, University of Florida   Gyalsumdo Sewa Sanstha USA
North Alabama Nepalese Association, Huntsville, AL                       Nepalese Association of Georgia, Atlanta

He has sponsored blood drive with New York Blood Center in Queens, New York in the following dates:
09/06/2009      02/27/2010     03/28/2010     02/26/2011      03/26/2011      02/25/2012
02/23/2013       05/25/2013      01/05/2014     05/15/2014      09/28/2014

He has sponsored blood drive with American Red Cross in Queens, New York in the following dates:
09/25/2008      12/28/2008      04/26/2009      12/06/2009      09/26/2010      12/12/2010
11/27/2011         09/25/2011       05/08/2011       05/13/2012        12/16/2012        07/06/2013      05/11/2014

He donated blood in United States of America: 99 times
New York: 81 times              New Jersey: 2 times             Connecticut: 1 time           Massachusetts: 5 times       

Alaska: 1 time                       California: 1 time                  Indianapolis: 1 time          Texas: 1 time

Maryland: 1 time                 Virginia: 1 time                     Washington DC: 1 time     Pennsylvania: 1 time

New Hampshire: 1 time      Maine: 1 time.   

He donated blood in other 10 countries: 58 times
Nepal: 48 times                    India: 1 time                          Australia: 1 time                  Macau: 1 time

United Kingdom: 1 time     Ireland: 1 time                      Bermuda: 1 time                 Canada: 2 times

Malawi: 1 time                      Ecuador: 1 time                    Haiti: 1 time

Contact Address:
Arjun Prasad Mainali
P. O. Box 7115
Hicksville, NY 11802

Tel: +1-914 584 1141 


Arjun Prasad Mainali
P. O. Box 7115 Hicksville NY 11802 USA